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Welcome to Le Cordon Bleu Paris


Le Cordon Bleu Paris welcomes you to its open houses

Book your seat to take part in a Le Cordon Bleu Paris open house! You will have the opportunity to visit the school, attend a cuisine and pastry demonstration, talk to our distinguished Chefs, meet our students and discover what Le Cordon Bleu Paris has to offer you.

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Acquire the know-how to become a wine expert! During 9 months, professionals will reveal the techniques of wine tasting and will share all their knowledge to understand how the wine business works.

Become a leader in the restaurant business on an international scale. This program gives students all the skills necessary to develop their business and make it a success.

Le Cordon Bleu offers a range of short term culinary discoveries for those with a passion for the art of cooking : Demonstrations (visual) and workshops (hands-on).


Small Normandy style brioches

To begin the New Year, Le Cordon Bleu Chefs show you how to make your own hand-kneaded brioche dough.

Kneading dough

Kneading is very important to distribute the yeast and allow gluten to develop. Le Cordon Bleu Chefs reveal the secrets of kneading dough.

The apple

Apples (Malus domestica), from the rosaceous family (Rosaceae), are a fruit with pips which are enjoyed the world over, especially in Europe and North America.


Products from both the land and sea are famous in this region. The sea and fresh waterways provide an abundant and varied supply of fish and seafood, and the quality of the soil means a range of fruit and vegetables can be produced here.

Chef Boudot interview

Chef Boudot joined Le Cordon Bleu Paris team of Chef Instructors in 2013. We wanted to find out a bit more about him.

Farago: A success story

Farago, a restaurant opened by Pierre Dutaret and Jean Valfort in 2013, has been a runaway success ever since it opened.


By choosing Paris, the sentimental capital of gastronomy, you are sure to experience culinary training by our greatest French chefs whose international experience has earned them a place at Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

The beauty of Paris is the unmatched blend of tradition and dynamic modernity. Paris is the city of lights, the capital of romance and has unparalleled historical heritage with its abundance of cultural destinations, monuments and museums to visit.

You can take the time to discover the bistros, Michelin-starred restaurants and even stroll the famous avenues nibbling a croissant or baguette, take in the department stores and the winding streets while shopping for fashion, home ware, luxury and high-tech goods and of course epicurean treats.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris awaits you to help make your gastronomic and cultural dreams a reality.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris
8, rue Léon Delhomme
75015 Paris, France
Tel: +33 (0)1 53 68 22 50

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